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Saturday, December 19, 2020


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I belong to a generation that grew up with the sports and champions of the 80s and early 90s! For over 15 years I have followed Football, Athletics, Swimming, Gymnastics, Skiing, Hockey, Figure Skating, Boxing, Equestrian, Tennis, almost every sport involved in program of the Summer or Winter Olympics up to Automobilism-Formula 1. It was a time of real champions like: Maradona, Gullit or Van Basten, Carl Lewis, Florence Griffith Joyner, Michael Gross, Mat Biondi, Vitaly Scherbo, Alberto Tomba or Ingemar Stenmark, Katarina Witt, Mike Tyson, Martina Navratilova or Boris Becker, Alain Prost, or Ayrton Senna, Piquet, Mansell etc.

Oh, it`s been a while since…..In fact, I have not followed the sport events for quite some time, I even forgot to count when it was the last time of my interest in sports, maybe since 2010. Probably because from that year my notes and records start to become rarer until they no longer appear at all in my collection!

However one night ago I became curious and set out to learn about world records in Athletics, so now days in 2020, is there still valid such a record set during the 80s – 90s by the athletes of that generation ?!   I thought: It has been a long time, of course athletics has changed as well as all sports in general, so it is difficult to have left still as recorder any names like Carl Lewis, Ben Johnson, Steve Cream, Sergey Bubka, Stefka Kostandinova, East German women with Marita Koch, Marlize Goer ... However, I could not resist this temptation and I started to do some investigation. 

The record holder Jurgen Schltz (74.08m) since June 6-1986 

Here I start in the men's races, in the discus and hammer  the records of the East German Jürgen Schultz (74.08m) set in Neubrandenburg, Germany, on 6-06-1986 and athlete Yuri Sedykh  of the Soviet Union (86.74m) on 30-08-86, still remains valid today.

Then there is still an unbroken record set in the high jump by the Cuban Javier Sotomayor since 1993 (2.45m), located in Salamanca. Here is another one of the Italian in 30Km walking, set by Maurizio Damilano (2h; 1.44) in Cuneo, Italy on October 3, 1992. Even the US American relay of 4x400m (2.24.59) still stands today since August 22, 1993 located in Gotlieb Damlier  at Stuttgart Stadium. So in total there are 5 records in men's competitions still unbroken.

Florence Griffit Joyner (USA)

Jarmila Kratochvilova (CZE) Her 800-metre world record is the longest standing track record in men or women's athletics

In the women's races, the 100m (10.49) and 200m (21.34) records set on July 16, 1988 in Indianapolis and September 29, 1988 in Seoul at the Olympic Games, by Florence Griffith Joyner of the United States, continue to stands as unbroken world records, although unfortunately the athlete is no longer alive . Joyner will die 10 years later on September 21, 1998.


The East German Champion Marita Koch, the WR holder in 400m since 1985   

Galina Chistyakova USSR

Also still standing today is the record set by Jarmila Kratochvilova in 800m (1.53.28) since July 26, 1983 and East German Marita Koch at 400m (47.60) since October 26, 1985 at the Bruce Stadium in Cambera, Australia. Likewise, the name of the Bulgarian Stefka Kostandinova as the record holder in high jump (2.09m) set on August 30, 1987 has not been scratched off  since the World Championship in Rome. Even in the long jump (7.52m) Galina Chistyakova (Галина Валентиновна Чистякова), of USSR continues to maintain her record set since June 11, 1988.

In the shot put competitions (22.63m) Natalya Lisovskaya of USSR, since June 7, 1987, and in the disk race (76.80) by Gabriela Reinsh of the GDR, set on July 9, 1988, still resist time. Further during this search I still find in valid the record of the American Jackie Joyner Kersee  in the Heptathlon (7291 points) set on September 24, 1988 at the Seoul Olympic Games. 

Stefka Kostandinova of Bulgary the world record holder in high jump since 1987.

Natalya Lisovskaya USSR

4x 400m relay of the Soviet Union girls (3.15.17) wich was set on October 1, 1988, also in the Seoul Games, still holds the time.

The balance sheet closes for the women's races with 9 such world records that still resist time, reaching out in total 14 records, men and women where still up to today’s date December 17, 2020 remain unbroken!!!


Sport Vision | Champions Hour  / P.B /  December, 17  2020 ( 11; 27 Pm)

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Tuesday, December 15, 2020


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It is December 14, 2020. In Courchevel, France is scheduled the Giant Slalom race for women valid for the World Cup in Alpine Skiing of the 2020-2021 season. 

And after 323 days, the American Mikaela Shiffrin returns to the winner podium. This special victory that brings emotions from the most diverse. After leading the first part of the race together with the Italians Bassino-Brignone, and with the contender Petra Vilhova out of it, the second part showed more exciting moments. So skier Tessa Worlye performed her race brilliantly. Federica Brignone, although she made a mistake that caused her to fall, managed to concentrate all her strength, finishing ahead of Worley, while Marta Bassino finished out of the race. The moment comes for Shiffrin who realizes a perfect race by reaching the finish with the winning time above all others. 

She thus achieves the 67th victory in the competitions for the world cup, equaling the skier Marcel Hirscher and being ranked third among the best skiers of all time. Currently in the general classification, Petra Vilhova leads with 420 points, followed by Shiffrin with 275. We can remember that Mikaela, born in 1995, is an two times Olympic champion, three times world champion in the general classification, four times winner of the world championship in the slalom specialty. And in this discipline she has won the world cup title 6 times. In slalom is the youngest Olympic winner in the history of this race, 18 years and 345 days.


Sport Vision / The Champions Hour  Dec, 15-2020

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